Features & Facilities

  • Indian School of Business Mohali (20 mins. drive from MDPL)
  • Indian Institute Of Science Education And Research Mohali (20 mins. drive from MDPL)
  • IIT Ropar (15 mins. drive far from MDPL)
  • Indian Military Academy (20 mins. driver from MDPL)
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh Military Academy (20 mins. drive from MDPL)
  • Pollution free environment along with Skyrise Greenery
  • Connectivity to Tri-city through 8 lane Chandigarh-Ludhiana (NH95) Highway
  • Railway Station 1.5 km far
  • Chandigarh Airport 30 mins. drive from MPDL
  • Bus and Train to all Major Cities
  • Chandigarh University along with Education Hub nearby, 5 mins. drive
  • Play-way along with junior school within MPDL
  • Wide roads with street lights
  • Lush green parks
  • Security o’ clock
  • Water supply o’ clock.

Business Scope

Businesses are predominant in Capitalist economics, where most of them are privately owned and administered to earn profit to increase the wealth of their owners.so here is a chance to develop a business in many types of fields like:

  • Engineering Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel / Hospitality
  • Catering


We are providing the following facilities in our services

Underground Electricity
Underground power is a feature of every modern city, being an aesthetical improvement to real estate, making suburbs more desirable and lifting property values. Beyond these considerations, underground power has been identified by the EMRC as a climate change adaptation response. Underground power is impervious to extreme weather conditions, which are only likely to become more prevalent due to climate change.

Aside from creating less visual and environmental impact, which typically generates large opposition from local communities, underground cables have several other unique benefits. In particular, they:

  • have lower transmission losses
  • can absorb emergency power loads
  • have lower maintenance costs
  • emit no electric field and can be engineered to emit a lower magnetic field than an overhead line
  • require a narrower band of land to install
  • Less susceptible to the impacts of severe weather
  • more secure than overhead service cables in bad weather
  • removes the need to prune trees near overhead service cables
  • likely to improve the appearance and value of your property

Own Water Supply
Need of water is first thing in our life, so here we have our own water tank for reserving water. So there is no problem regarding Water supply.

and more like:
Wide Roads
Street Lights
Kinder Garden School
Grocery Shops
Confectionary Shop
Electrication and Plumber (24*7)
General Store
Telephone Services
Broadband Connectivity
Space for Showrooms